Short Term Exchange


This program allows students to experience another culture for a shorter period of time. Students in this program visit another country for roughly three to six weeks, and are sponsored by their local Rotary Club. 

The purpose of this program is to strive towards a better understanding of other cultures. By living in another country we hope students will be able to see the different challenges that other cultures face, their customs, and their way of life. We want to provide an environment conducive to both personal, and interpersonal growth. Living in another country also allows students to learn a language in an easier fashion than a normal course. By being fully immersed in another culture, students learn how to interact in another language and pick up what they really need to carry a conversation and communicate effectively.

Short Term programs generally run during the summer. Two families are paired, and they host each others students.  During this time, students cannot have jobs or other obligations that would interfere. The coordination and cost of travel is  the responsibility of the families.




First and foremost you'll want to contact your local Rotary Club. They may require some extra information. If you are in the ESSEX area, just call 1-888-ROTARY-X and they'll connect you with your local club. 

Families have to register through ESSEX portal, there is a $125 application fee, this covers all background checks. You'll also have to get two references, they cannot be by Rotarians. 


  • 14.5 - 18.5 years old

  • Exchange during the Summer

  • No school requirement

  • Family to family exchange

  • Up to six weeks in total, three weeks one way and three weeks for a counterpart exchange here.

  • A great "springboard" for the long term exchange program

  • Cost includes: Application Fee, Required Insurance, Preparation & Training ($301), and airfare. 


Here's some other stuff you should know as you fill out the application:

  1. Download the application form HERE.

  2. You are from Rotary District #7255.

  3. Your sponsoring Rotary Club is the club geographically covering the area where your school is located.  You will need the President and Secretary of this club to sign your forms. We will help you get those signatures. Please contact us when you're ready to fill out your forms and we will help you identify your local club and put you in contact with its officers.

  4. You will be doing a "Family to Family" Exchange.  Please check this category on the application.

  5. Your Short Term Exchange Chair is Rose Quaranta.  This is the name you will type when filling out the application.

  6. All fields must be typed, ESSEX will not accept hand-written applications. 

  7. Both your letter and your parent’s letter MUST be typed.

  8. There are 3 Supplementary pages at the end of the application, A,B & C.  We only use Supplementary Page A.  Please disregard B & C.

  9. Rose Quaranta will let you know your sponsoring Rotary Club # once you start the application process.

  10. The CISI Bolduc World Travel Health Insurance Form needs to be filled out separately.  It is available on the Essex website

  11. Your family must visit the Essex website and sign up to be a host family.  Click on “Host Family Sign Up” on left side of screen (scroll down until you find it.)  Once you've clicked on the link follow the prompts and answer all questions.  The questions include a host family application and a waiver/background form.

  12. Once you've filled out the application and prepared the supporting forms, mail the originals together with the following checks to Rose Quaranta:

  • $100 Check made out to Rotary District 7255

  • $125 Check made out to ESSEX

  • $76 Check made out to CISI Bolduc (Insurance Company) 

Please note if these payments are not received your application will NOT be processed.