Do the exchange students have guidelines to follow?


Yes, they are presented with the program rules and guidelines in training within their own countries. They are sent 12 documents for reading, discussion, initialing, and signing to return to the Chair here, before their departure, as well as two training sessions upon their arrival to our country to go over them again.


Do exchange student’s have a support system during their exchange?


Yes, other Inbound students, Host parents, Host siblings, Host Club YEO, & Counselor, District Chairs


What is the length of time for hosting a student?


The length of time of a hosting experience depends on the total number of host families to host. i.e., if there are four host families, the 10 months of the exchange are divided equally by 4 to come up with the hosting length of time—which is flexible.


 Are there guidelines for hosting?


Yes, and we will discuss in depth during the required training session of 2-4 hours, along with preparing a resource envelope for each Host Family.


Do host families get paid to host?


No, Rotary states it is not permissible to provide any form of compensation to a host family.

Can exchange student’s travel alone?


No, keep in mind they are minors and we have responsibility for them. The district does not allow exchange students to travel outside the district (Long Island) without a chaperone of 26 years+ and permission.


Do host families have a choice as to when they host during the exchange year?


Yes, this is a discussion between all involved host families and the Rotary club volunteers (YEO, & Counselor). We expect the Outbound family to host first to fill the void of their own child being abroad, etc.


Can you request one gender or the other?


Yes, however, we have asked for girls the last few years to make traveling and overnights easier for all involved. We piggy-back with a number of districts on Inbound events that also have only girls, and there are significantly more girls in the program than boys.


Who can host?


Anyone can host, if they have the interest, time, and means, and after they are registered, vetted, and approved to host.


What is the process when you have a prospective host family?


Answer as many questions as you can comfortably, and direct them to the the District Chairs, so their questions can be answered. A Volunteer must meet with them in person, and do a walk through of any host’s home (per ESSEX and Department of State guidelines). They are then directed to the ESSEX (Eastern States Student Exchange) website to sign up in the database as a Host Family, which is menu driven.