Rotary is an international service organization of 1.2 million members, dedicated to
positively promoting and supporting worldwide sustainable projects, and world health issues that impact mankind. Rotary International is defined by "districts",
and many clubs in each district. (for more information on Rotary International,
its structure, and its many programs, etc. click here.)

Rotary Youth Exchange is one of many programs within Rotary, and a part of (one

of five) Rotary's Avenues of Service. Our Rotary District 7255, which is all of
Long Island, offers two Youth Exchange programs.

Every year
over 8,000 students from across the globe join this journey and stay overseas for a year.
There are so many unique things about taking the leap and living in another country.
You get to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, and live with a new family. You'll join a new social circle and forge friendships that last a lifetime.
Not only are these invaluable skills, they are tons of fun.

There are two types of Exchange Student Programs
There are Long Term & Short Term programs.
Long Term is an entire academic year (roughly 10 months) abroad, Short Term is a program that's run over the summer. You spend four weeks in your host's country. All you have to do is take the first step, talk to your parents and fill out some forms. So much lies ahead of you on this path.

There are tons of countries that you can stay in. Here is a short, non exhaustive list: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Japan, and so on. There is an endless amount of potential, you just need to take the first step. For an updated list (it's always changing) check on the Essex website.
Before you apply, you must meet a few requirements:
  • Between the ages of 15 - 18 1/2
  • Average or above academic achievement
  • Active in your community
  • Able to adjust and adapt to a new living environment
  • Fun loving and enjoy adventures
If you are considering this, don't hesitate. Click the tabs on the top for more information on the program you're interested in. Welcome to the experience of your life, this is just the start.