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Steps & Fees

The Steps

  • Contact the District Youth Exchange Chair(s), so they know of your intent and can direct you through the process.
  • The YE Chairs need to know where you live, and the high school you attend, so we can contact the local Rotary Club near you for signatures for your application, and make them aware of the possible sponsorship of you, and hosting an Inbound student through their club.
  • Go to the District Youth Exchange website (www.rotaryexchange.org) and begin to fill out the Long Term Application. It is lengthy and you must make doctor and dentist appointments to give them their portion of the application for signature, etc. 
  • You must have a current Passport that is good through 6 months past your exchange return. You will have to begin the passport process IMMEDIATELY, as the application cannot be submitted without a current or new Passport to ESSEX –Eastern States Student Exchange. ESSEX is a conglomerate of Youth Exchange Districts from Canada to Georgia, and they manage all of the applications and assign the students the countries they exchange to). If you have a Passport, you must include a copy of the photo page and the page directly across from it (in color) with your application and work on the renewal (if necessary) in the interim. Obtaining a Passport is a lengthy process (up to 6 weeks), so it is very important to begin this process immediately. 
  • You must include the Country Assignment list. It must have 5 choices—IN THE ORDER OF YOUR PREFERENCE, and it must be signed and dated. This list is found at the ESSEX website: exchangestudent.org on the right side, near the bottom. 
  • When you have completed the application and checked it several times to be sure everything is included and nothing is blank, you are ready to forward it to the YE Chair with a non-refundable $300 application fee. The Chairs will go over your application to be sure there is nothing missing and notify you if anything is needed. 
  • Upon review of your application, you will be notified of the required Interview meeting place. It is necessary for at least one parent to be present, as they are interviewed also. 
  • Youth Exchange Interviews are usually scheduled in November.
  • You will be notified of your acceptance into the Rotary Youth Exchange program within 2 weeks of the interview process.
  • Completed YE Long Term applications are sent to ESSEX the first week of December, to continue processing. This is CRITICAL, as students are assigned countries on a first come, first served basis. Applications will not be considered if they are incomplete - for any reason. Popular countries go quickly and there are limited ‘slots’ available.
  • When accepted into the YE program you will be forwarded information to register for both the required travel insurance (CISI) and the only travel agency familiar with Rotary and the Rotary Youth Exchange program, that ESSEX allows (T-Zell.)
  • Usually in January, you receive your country assignment. Once you receive your country assignment, begin resourcing information about your exchange country to be as familiar as possible with it.
  • The “final green light” for this process is receiving your part of the application that is signed off by the YE Chair, the Rotary Club President, the Counselor and the school in your assigned country. Waiting for this last piece is agonizing, as it can be received anytime from February – August, depending on what country you are exchanging to! This is referred to as the Guarantee Form and is part of your Long Term application. There are two parts, one is signed off on by the local Rotary Club here that will be your Sponsor, and the Rotary Club abroad that will be hosting you and providing you with Host Families.
  • You will be forwarded a schedule of training dates to prepare you for your year abroad. These are scheduled between February – June. The number of training dates will be determined on the amount of Outbound students. Several training sessions are local, and with one overnight in the Boston, MA area with several Youth Exchange Districts.
  • When you are out on exchange, your “seat” in school is available to host an Inbound student. This is the way our exchange program works and it is expected that your family share in the hosting responsibilities of the Inbound student that will be hosted in your place. 2-4 Host Families are needed and we ask that you and your family help in setting these families up BEFORE your departure. All families and our YE Volunteers in our District that will be involved in the Youth Exchange process, must be background checked and fill out an application in our Database. This application process can begin as soon as the Outbound student has been accepted into the YE program. It will require the family to fill out an application, which includes background checks, and a home visit/interview. Depending on how many families available to host, is how long your hosting responsibilities will be, but it is usually 2 ½ months divided equally between 4 families.


The Fees

  • $300 nonrefundable application fee
  • Outbound Training fees $1300.00 / made in monthly payments if necessary, with the balance paid by June 1st.
  • Students should be prepared to bring their own money for expenses during the year, which could be in the form of a debit/credit card for school supplies, toiletries, makeup, clothes, touring money, emergencies, etc. ($1000+)
  • Airfare (this will vary according to the country exchanging to ( $1500+) 
  • Travel insurance is required (this will vary according to the country exchanging to ($800+)
  • Some countries require additional Travel Insurance (this will vary according to the country exchanging to, ($800+)
  • Some countries require language camp ($ 300+)
  • Students are paid an allowance by the Hosting Rotary Club during their exchange year ($75-$125 monthly, which varies by country and club)