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Youth Exchange Counselor Responsibilites

  • Must attend required Counselor training session before the student’s arrival

  • Must be registered and vetted in the ESSEX database before contacting Inbound student

  • Should contact student and start a dialog when student is assigned to the club in the Spring

  • Monitors the Student throughout the exchange year – in person, by phone, by email, skyping, texting --  is the students’ “safety net” during the exchange year

  • Liason between the YEO, the Host Family and the Student

  • In person contact with the student, minimally once a month

  • Contact with the Host Family in reference to the student’s arrival and to work out who will do the pick up/drop off at the airport

  • Is aware of the timeframe of student family moves and is active in the move process

  • Files monthly report on the student and host family

  • Works as a team with the club YEO (Club Youth Exchange Officer) and Host Family to ensure that rules and guidelines are being followed and the exchange is a smooth process

  • Helps with transportation of student to and from Club meetings, Exchange events/activities

  • Confirms YE Student is paid monthly allowance timely

  • Confirms any club activity exchange student is involved with, (if any cost) is covered by the club

  • Works as a team with the YEO to make the student comfortable and ensures a smooth transition upon arrival and throughout the exchange year

  • Responsible for ‘follow up Host Family visit’ and submitting the Follow up Host Family report

  • Collaborates with the Club members that the Club chaperones at least two of the Exchange students events during the exchange and forwards these names to the District Chair

  • Collaborates with the Club YEO to determine the “Emergency Family” within the students school district, in case of an emergency during the exchange year, and forwards this information to the District Chair to follow up with registering the family in the database BEFORE the IB’s arrival

  • Collaborates with the Club YEO and as a team works together to present and promote the Youth Exchange Program within the Community and the local Middle School and High School, using the recruiting agenda and promotional resources